The Next Day

I remember the day after my right of passage night, I opened up the paper and saw that the incident was on the 3rd page of the Inquirer. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, about how the man had a wonderful family and supported them as a garbage man – which at the time was a very honorable job to have in our area.

Reading about it in the newspaper made it all that much more real. My mother saw what I was reading and told me how sad she was to read that. Apparently she had gone to school with the man and knew him fairly well. She spoke about how good of a person he was and how he didn’t deserve that. She also wished the same punishment on the person that did that to him.

Little did she know that it was me.

I’m sure if my father was around, he would have known it was me based on my reaction when reading the paper. Luckily, I guess, for me, he was never around. He was caught up in the game too. Not drugs or anything addicting, but he was in the sex game.

He was a pimp back in the day and at one point had 15 girls working for him. More on that tomorrow…