Heated Dog Bed: a review

I have an older mutt that has been having trouble with arthritis. I wanted to get him a heated dog bed so that he could stay warm at night and not be so sore in the morning. I’m sort of half way pleased with it.

Pros of the heated dog bed

My old guy can’t climb stair or anything anymore, so I put his bed in the corner of the family room. I put a second one in our bedroom, but he can’t really make it up the two steps into the bedroom without help. I got him a ramp, which he does use. The heated bed sits in the corner. I was careful to make sure the wall outlet was not blocked, creating conditions for a short. The bed was soft and sufficiently thick. My old boy liked the feeling of the bed a lot. The bed has a range of settings. The first night, I set it to medium heat. That proved to be a bit intense for the old guy, so I turned it down for the next night. He slept all through the night on the bed.

Cons of the heated dog bed

The heated pad doesn’t heat very evenly It gets warmer in some places and not in others. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’d prefer that it had a more even distribution of heat. Another issue I have is that the bed covers have no waterproofing. My old guy had an accident the other night. Thankfully it wasn’t a big mess, nor did it short out any of the electronics, but you’d think that with the bed having wires in it, the manufacturer would have at least put in a waterproof layer. I have since added a waterproof layer to the bed. All in all I am still pleased I bought the heated dog bed. I just think there is room for improvement.