My Business Part 2

My business that I had started was off to a slow start. There wasn’t nearly as much initial demand as I had anticipated. However, that wouldn’t deter me. I continued to put flyers up all over the city, in all of the right white neighborhoods.

I remember that after 10 days, I finally received my first call. It was from an older gentleman who wanted 24 pieces of chicken from a well-known chicken place in our community. When I asked his address, he told me the most expensive neighborhood in Philly.

I figured at this point that word-of-mouth was going to be the best way I could advertise my business. I threw on my best Sunday suit and rode my bike to the chicken place.

After picking up the order, I set on my way to the gentleman’s house.

I arrived sooner than the expected time that I had given him. His house was the biggest that I had ever seen. I walked up the driveway and knocked.

The man that answered looked exactly like the monopoly man

He was incredibly friendly and very happy that I had arrived early. I, of course, was incredibly polite to the gentleman. I had a feeling that this man could be my meal ticket.

I made small talk with him as he fumbled through his pocket for cash. We began talking about the Phillies, our local baseball team. It turns out that he was almost as big of a fan as I was; ok that’s a lie, he was more of a fan.

We talked for what had to be at least 30 minutes before we parted ways. He gave me a tip of what amounted to be 100% of the cost of the food.

This was amazing. I knew I was on to something…