After the first customer that I had, business began to boom! That nice gentleman put in referrals for me to all of his friends. Next thing I knew, I was riding out to his neighborhood 10 times per day. I could barely keep up with demand.

When I knew that I was going to need some help, I asked my best friend Rodney if he wanted in on the action. I told him that he would get 50% of the payment, or 25% of the cost of the food, and I would get the other half. He agreed and suddenly my business had grown.

I could now cover 2x the territory as before! We began putting up more flyers and did some outreach via phone.

We also partnered with our local food places to give my business a 10% commission on any referrals that we sent them from the white people.

This revenue stream proved to be quite lucrative.

Little did i know how much impact that first customer would have on my business. I continued to deliver to him throughout the year. Each and every time, we would chat about sports. It was really great for me to see that all rich white people weren’t evil. This man talked to me as if I was his peer.

One day, after I had been delivering to him for about 5 months, I asked him what he did for a living. He told me that he traded on the stock market. I didn’t know what the was at the time, so I just nodded along.

I think he could see the confusion in my eyes. He asked me how many more deliveries I had that night. I told him that he was my last one. He asked if I wanted to learn about the stock market. I said sure.

The conversation that ensued is what changed my life forever…